Hardy Lab students doing great!

Been too long since we shared any news. Especially since we’ve had some good news to share. Here are a few highlights.

Gwendolyn published a cool meta-analysis of when herbivorous insects compete in Ecology Letters!

Chloe published a cool comparative phylogenetic analysis of how host-use evolution drives butterfly species in Ecology and Evolution!

Chloe also just got accepted a PhD position in Zoology at Oxford!

Our work on aphid phylogenomics is going swimmingly. Won’t be long until we can hand that over to Gwendolyn so she can finalize a big investigation of the ecological drivers of aphid species diversity.

Good work students!



NSF Project Funded! Seeking PhD student.

Great news. We had a project funded by the NSF to study the species diversification of aphids in the North America. This is in collaboration with Bob Foottit (Canadian National Insect Collection), Colin Favret (University of Montreal), and Carol von Dohlen (Utah State). It starts in the Spring semester of 2018. I need to find a grad student for this project!


Mayrolin got an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!!

Great news for a Hardy Labber! Mayrolin just got an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

She’s on a role. She published her first paper at the beginning of the year — describing her work on ScaleNet.  Just yesterday, she did a great job at her MS defense seminar. Then this morning she heard about the NSF fellowship.

Mayrolin is going to start her PhD with Ben Normark at UMass this fall. We are all super excited for her!


Insect Morphology students make multi-access key to vespid wasps

This year’s Insect Morphology students have put together a multi-access key to the species of vespid wasps in Alabama (excluding the Eumeninae). The plan in for future Insect Morphology students to keep building on this, covering additional groups of local insects that people worry about. Next time we’ll add the Eumeninae. Duckprocracornra . Good job, y’all!

They built the key key using Xper3. Which is free and easy to work with.


New paper on effects of host breadth on butterfly diversification

Sally Otto and I wrote a paper called ‘Specialization and generalization in the diversification of phytophagous insects: tests of the musical chairs and oscillation hypotheses,’ that was published today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. I’m stoked to see it in print.

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