ENTM 5440 / 6440: Insect Morphology

Credits: 5

1.5 contact hours of lecture and 3 contact hours of lab per week.

Prerequisites are General or Economic Entomology. But these can be waived with permission.


A survey of the external morphology of insects, stressing quantitative analysis of shape variation.


Here what you need  for the traditional morphology subjects:

  • Snodgrass RE. 1993. Principles of Insect Morphology. PDF.
  • Eikwort’s Manual of Insect Morphology – with emendations from BN Danforth and CJ Marshall. This was never published. 
  • Chapman. Insects: Structure and Function. PDF of old edition.
Annotated notes

Gwendolyn is making annotated versions of the course notes — merging in images from the slides and other sources, and adding her comments. Here’s a link.

Schedule (Course Content)

ENTM 5300 / 6300: Insect Systematics

Credits: 5


ENTM 3040 General Entomology, or ENTM 4020 Economic Entomology. Note: These prerequisites are seldom met.


Learn to be an insect systematists! Identify insect orders and common families, develop skills to delimit species, estimate phylogenies, and make classifications and diagnostic tools.


  • Johnson NF, Triplehorn CA. 2004. Borror and DeLong’s Introduction the Study of Insects. Required. Not without flaw, but the most comprehensive resource for identifying North American insect families.
  • Additional reading will come from the primary literature, and will be posted to the course calendar below.




The plan may change a bit as we go. Click on a lecture subject for more information, including links to the lecture notes and readings.